Sunday, 24 July 2016

KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur

The KL Tower, also known as Kuala Lumpur Tower is a 421m communications tower based right in the heart of the city. It has just marked its 20th year anniversary for allowing tourists go to the the observation deck, and how could we miss a chance on that to see all of Kuala Lumpur below us. As we approached the tower its clear to see it built on an unusually placed hill in the city centre. Now if you have been to Kuala Lumpur before you know the city is fairly flat but apart from this mount of land that sticks up unusually at this area. It kind of makes sense really if your going to build a tower, build it on a hill ha.

At the base of the hill we saw what looked liked like the typical tourists there with backpacks on there back, the famous hiking boots with water bottle and the city map clutched to their hand (bit like us really) waiting for what looked like maybe a free shuttle bus that took you up to the top of the hill where the base of the tower starts. We was not to wait to see if there was a bus as we saw climbing this hill as a challenge and who knows how long we would wait. Wish we had of waited now as the hill is steeper than you think and it was around 35°C and so much humidity in the air it was harder than what we thought. We eventually made it though and was approached by a member of staff who we asked gasping for breath where we could buy water from. He kindly shown us a little shop where you can buy drinks from and we sat there looking spat this enormous tower.

The clouds in the sky looked like it was going to rain but in the distance we could see the blue skies coming towards us with little clouds which gave us hope we was not about to get really wet. After our drink and a cool down, we approached the ticket booth and was given lots of different ticket options, within the grounds of the tower there is a mini aquarium, a little petting zoo, a F1 simulator experience and a 4D movie experience to explore. We opted for the ticket to just go up the tower to the Sky Deck and Observation Deck (105RM each), this was more expensive than going up the Petronas Towers but hey your on vacation and its a one off right, so we paid and made our way to the elevator.

As you step out on the sky deck the wind hits you to take the edge of the heat and there is nothing more than a 4ft glass wall from you and a 335m drop to the ground (the 421m height i mentioned before is the height from the top of the antenna) and it literally is awe-inspiring.

This is a 360° view of the city and as you walk around the last floor where the antenna is etched to we saw a line emerge, must be the line for the exit we though, we was so wrong! This was the line to walk out onto a glass booth overlooking the city with a glass bottom floor to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush.

After joining the line which took forever which is totally understandable as people have paid a lot of money for this experience and want to have it privately for themselves to take there best or worse photos of themselves. it was our turn, off with the shoes  and slowly creeping onto the platform looking down at the sheer drop to the ground. In all honesty the first 2-3 seconds is quite nervous and a bit scary but once your on, your on and its all fine. Of course the usual selfies, silly and posing pictures was taken and we then left the glass booth to look and laugh at the pictures we had just taken. as we proceeded anti-clockwise around the tower, there was another glass booth to go in but with less views as the first one was over looking the financial skyscraper district. And of course we had to go in this as well.

We must have spent a good 2 hours up there, honestly we didn't want to leave as we was enjoying the views and having so much fun. but looking at the time, we knew it was closing soon and we still had the observatory to go to, we proceeded by walking down around 8 flights of stairs to the Observatory Deck and you guessed it... we was bitterly disappointed. It was not due to the fact that the views was poor, there was just as good, it was due to the fact you seemed to have lost your freedom and the thrill behind the glass and the excitement of stepping out onto a glass booth was not there, we took our last pictures of the sunset over Kuala Lumpur.

This attraction is pricey but priceless at the same time, we would really recommend this to anyone as a must do in Kuala Lumpur and in our opinion it was abetter experience than going up the Patronas Towers, (but we are not for one minute saying don't go up them), we left with smiles on our faces and a memory we will never forget, thank you KL Tower.

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